Our First Green Flag!

Green Flag 2011

On the 16th June 2011, we received our first Green Flag for the school. This day of celebration was the culmination of an awful lot of hard work carried out by the teachers, the pupils and the parents of the school. A particular note of thanks to Miss Kathy McManus who headed up the Green Flag project within the school. The teachers orchestrated wonderful, fun-filled activities such as poems, slogans and of course a big clean-up around the school so well done to everyone who participated.

Declan McKenna

One of our ex-pupils from the area, Declan McKenna, was the guest of honour and it was extremely fitting that it was he who should raise the flag on such a momentous occasion. Luckily for us all, we got plenty of wind to send that flag high up in to the Clara skies!!

Tree-planting Ceremony

The occasion was also marked by the planting of a tree by Declan McKenna and the oldest and youngest pupils in the school, Eric McElmeel 6th class and Lille-Mai Beeton Junior Infants. Great spadework kids!!

Poems And Portraits

Oisin McCartan and Conor Maguire were just two of the many pupils who created lovely portraits and poems dedicated to the Green Flag day and our guest of honour. There is lots of the chilrdren's work all around the library in the school so if you are in the school take a look - they're all brilliant!!



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