Tayto Park 2012

On Wednesday 30th May the boys and girls from 2nd to 6th class went on their school tour. This year we all boarded the bus and headed to Tayto Park in Co. Meath. It comprised of the Tayto Crisp factory,  a wildlife park, an outdoor activity centre, a souvenir shop and a fabulous restaurant.


Tayto factory


Our first stop of the day was the place where all the lovely crisps are made, the Tayto Factory! We enjoyed a guided tour of the factory and were treated to a big box of Tayto cheese and onion at the end. Anyone see that box by the way???


Wildlife Park


Wallabies, leopards, meercats, buffalo, deer, South African goats, Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs and one angry, crazy-looking American turkey were just some of the highlights of a guided tour around the wildlife park. And the park is going to get bigger in the future so look out for dragons and dinosaurs the next time you're there!!


A Ravenous Bunch of Children


What a treat to get a hot lunch of sausages, chicken strips and chips to recharge the batteries after the exhausting trip around the factory and the wildlife park. The children were certainly ready to go after that and my oh my did they need their energy to tackle the activity park!!


The Activity Park


The children were faced with an assault course so scary that Mr Loughran stayed firmly on the ground for this one. Rope ladders, rope walk-ways were just a few of the obstacles that awaited the children and indeed our own Miss McManus. Check out the photos to see the fear on peoples' faces hee hee!


Splash, Climb, Bounce!


Another few activities awaited the children after the dizzy heights of the assault course. Shooting water balloons out of a high-powered gun at your best friend doesn't seem very nice but that's what the children did and boy did they enjoy it.


Climbing a completely vertical wall with a harness on didn't appeal to Mr Loughran either so he watched the fantastic climbers scale it one after the other. Next stop Bragan Mountain!!


Boing, boing, boing went the vertical bungy jumpers who enjoyed this activity enormously. Some of the poor wee souls got stranded in mid-air and had to be rescued by the machine. Those legs need to grow a bit!!


Big Thanks

A huge thanks to all the teachers who chaperoned the children on such an enjoyable day; Mrs Beeton, Miss McManus and Mr Loughran. Also a big thank you to our bus driver who got us there and back safely. Also thank you to the staff of Tayto Park who made the day so enjoyable.

Thanks to all who helped and as the saying goes " best school tour ever!"  



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