Miss McManus' Leaving Ceremony 2012

Sadness at Clara NS

On Friday 22nd June, the staff and the boys and girls of Clara NS held a special assembly for Miss Kathy McManus who is sadly leaving us this year. Miss McManus has been with us for seven years and will take up a new teaching post in September.


"Hard Working and Dedicated"

Mrs Halligan, our principal, spoke of Miss McManus' unstinting dedication to her pupils and striving for each and everyone of them to reach their full potential. Miss McManus has been a diligent member of the team at Clara and will be sorely missed by pupils and teachers alike, said Mrs Halligan.


Children's Concert

In Miss McManus' honour, the children put on a special afternoon of singing, dancing and poetry reading to let her know how much we will all miss her.


Mrs Halligan's class painted beautiful portraits of Miss McManus and did a special rendition of Jedward's song "Waterline." In fact Jedward actually showed up on the day, as you can see from the photograph! No really, they did!!


Mrs Beeton's class had many performances including the girls singing "My Song," a dance routine by One Direction, a mighty performance by Bruce "Oisin" Springsteen singing "Born in the USA," and the boys presented Miss McManus with a lovely book of thoughts and poems dedicated to her time at Clara NS.


2nd, 3rd and 4th class wrote poems for Miss McManus and a selection of them were read out on the day. They also joined up with Mrs Beeton's 5th and 6th class to perform " Kathy's Song," a song specially written by Mr Loughran for Miss McManus. There was hardly a dry eye in the house!


Shane's Powerpoint

Our very own computer whizzkid, Shane McAnespie from 5th class, invited everyone to look at the powerpoint presentation he designed for Miss McManus. Shane showed pictures that represented some of the memories and wonderful times that Miss McManus had at our school.


Parent's Association Presentation

Dypmna Meehan from the Parent's Association presented Miss McManus with a gift as a token of their appreciation for all the work she has put in to the school over the years.  


Final Thoughts

Father Nolan and Mrs Halligan summed up the mood of the day as one of sadness but also of new beginnings as Miss McManus moves on in her teaching career. Miss McManus spoke of her love for Clara NS,  the first school she taught in and her sadness at leaving.  As a final thought, we at Clara NS wish Miss McManus the very best in her new job and that we will miss you so much.

Thank you. 


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